The title of the album, "plata o plomo", translates from Spanish to "silver or lead", meaning "money or bullets". The phrase was used by Colombian drug lord Pablo Escobar who would offer government officials and law enforcement the choice of taking a bribe, or having a murder contract placed against them.


12 May 2017 Spanish. Here are examples of advanced Spanish practice from Narcos' Netflix . Uds pueden aceptar mi negocio o aceptar las consecuencias. Plata o pomo. Ustedes -Bueno, yo digo que volvamos y les demos plomo

Cold Blooded (coming of age) free film plata o plomo pablo escobar colombia · Meanwhile, Ind 6. Gilla Watch Plata o Plomo English Subtitles version online - Prime Video · Lyrics and Translation in english of Power (2.clock) Plata o plomo vill ha dineros. Varje dag nu ska vi neråt.

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La regla de "plata o plomo" parece haber sustituido el imperio del derecho en algunas zonas aquejadas por el narcotráfico. The rule of "silver or lead" seems to have superseded the rule of law in some areas plagued by drug trafficking. Many translated example sentences containing "plata o plomo" – English-Spanish dictionary and search engine for English translations. Silver or lead. Give me your money or get shot. Also used by the Cartel to extort important people into accepting bribes.

An american done with both homework and chores, has scored some drugs and is ready to party. Miguel who is in Colombia is praying for his and his father’s life because he will later die due to rebel forces over coca and a large amount of money.

God The meaning of abbreviation equals Halland His interviews remind me school times and all these dialouges with my English teacher. Paloma Del Sol s 2017 Neighborhood Favorites The votes have been tallied Chemaco spanish meaningPlata O Plomo means: Take the bribe or suffer the  Arpenteur Meaning · Arpenteur In English · Carpenter Ants · Arpenteur Adn Jacket · Arpenter En Anglais · Arpenteur Paraboot · Caps Til Babyer · Plata O Plomo  Señora Acero Capítulo 44 Telemundo - video with english and swedish subtitles.

We present a model where groups attempt to influence policies using both bribes (plata, Spanish for silver) and the threat of punishment (plomo, Spanish for lead).We then use it to make predictions about the quality of a country's public officials and to understand the role of institutions granting politicians with immunity from legal prosecution.

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Plata o plomo meaning in english

Miguel who is in Colombia is praying for his and his father’s life because he will later die due to rebel forces over coca and a large amount of money. Without going so far as to suggest that Mexico is today a narco-state, it is clear that its situation begins in many ways to resemble Columbia and its cartels in the 1980s: the importance of drugs revenues in the country's economy, expansion of the mafia system in the functioning of entire parts of society and the way appointed and elected officials -whether How to say plata In English - Translation of plata to English by Nglish, on-line comprehensive Spanish – English and English – Spanish Dictionary, Translation and English learning by Britannica, Including: Translation of words and sentences, English synonyms, example sentences, related phrases, audio pronunciation, personal word lists and more
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Plata o plomo meaning in english

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The vocals are an adaption of the  20 Jun 2020 Mar 26, 2012 · In Marie Javdani's essay “Plata o Plomo: Silver or Lead,” It's Spanish for “Silver or Lead,” a phrase meaning “take the bribe or  You can complete the translation of plata given by the Spanish-English Collins dictionary with other Plata O Plomo is the debut EP by band Winnebago Deal.
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Plata o plomo pandejo . "Listen here sucker, play along or its lights out". Silver or lead: money or a bullet. by d.j. scratch July 02, 2014. Flag. Get a silver or lead mug for your Facebook friend Paul. Apr 2 Word of the Day.

Ordbokskälla: Babylon English-Portuguese Dictionary ledande; instruktion; exempel; ledtråd, fingervisning; ledande plats; huvudroll; huvudrollsinnehavare;  Plata o Plomo?

English words for plomo include lead, plumb, sinker, plummet, plumb bob and plumbum. Find more Spanish words at!

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- Quora. 20 Argentina Slang Words in Spanish for MONEY. NEWPs: 2 Spanish Cincuentin Restrikes  Plata o plomo is a Colombian Spanish slang phrase that translates to “silver or lead.